And that other Aegean gem, Leros.

It was Symi that inspired a large part of Terrible With Raisins but, since first visiting there, Leros has usurped first place in my Greek Island heart. Less commercial than Symi and with an astonishing WWII history (like all the Greek Islands), Leros was particularly important because of its harbour, Lakki, the deepest in the Eastern Aegean. I missed my visit there this year but next year is a must. It’s very much in my mind to set a novel there, either a sequel to Terrible With Raisins or a completely new storyline.

Aghia Isidoros is one of the many little chapels dotting the island. In contrast, evidence of Leros’s wartime record is manifest in the spent cartridge shells used as gateposts or other adornment. There is also a fascinating war museum in Merikia.

Last time I was there, I witnessed the extraordinary compassion and generosity shown by some of the islanders to refugees who had literally washed up on their beaches (or been rescued). In the midst of appalling austerity inflicted by the EU, Greek Islanders have reached out to help others worse off than themselves. So my love is not just for Leros but for those islanders, some now my friends, who have demonstrated the very finest part of being human.

Much as I hate to share Leros with anyone, it’s unfair not to… Leros


Aghia Isidoros, Leros

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Feature by Anne Williams – lucky, lucky TWR!

Anne Williams on Terrible With Raisins HERE 

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Thanks V P Simpson for a great review on


Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars A real treat of a debut read, August 11, 2016
 This review is from: Terrible With Raisins (Kindle Edition)
Cleverly crafted, humorous, well written. With characters that react and stand out in an honest relational way. An absolute must for me. Lynne McVernon has captured the beautiful resort of Symi. Very strong ring of truth.
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Thanks to Jena C. Henry for a whopping 5 star review of TWR!

Screenshot 2016-05-19 13.54.41



Like her lead character, Clair, Author Lynne McVernon, is a force to to be reckoned with. McVernon has created a sweeping blockbuster modern day melodrama that you won’t be able to put down. The book starts with Englishwoman Clair Harkins coming to grips with turning 50. Her Aunt Maggie treats Clair and Clair’s daughter Jess to a trip to Symi Greece with the idea that the change of scenery will help Clair cope with the big 5-0. We are then treated to a rollicking story of the Harkins lasses adventures in Greece. But there is more for each of the characters to discover than just sex and sun. As the story continues, we learn about Clair’s Aunt Maggie, Clair’s Greek lover Fraser the Scot and his family, Clair’s English lover Howard, Clair’s mother, Clair’s best friend, and other relatives and acquaintances. Theses stories manage to all come together by the end of book, a saga which at times is humorous, then sad and emotional, then caring and contemplative. Did I enjoy it? Yes, I loved this book. The only caution for readers is that the author does not use quotation marks for conversation, which confused me a little, and there are many English colloquialisms which are fun, but were also at times hard for this non-Brit to understand. I urge you to go immerse yourself in the life and times of Clair- you will have a blast with this book!

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Thanks for a great review Dr Benjamin…

Terrible With Raisins – the latest plaudit – on

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Well told, Lynne., May 12, 2016
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Terrible With Raisins (Paperback)
A complete surprise in a must read book. I picked this book up as a favour. In no time at all, I morphed from interested via hooked to engrossed. I didn’t put it down.
The characters came alive, they became likeable and so believable. The plot rattles along at a fair lick- different places and different times. Lynne handles this superbly, you never have to wonder where you are.
Lynne writes in the style I associate with women writers, her’s is a world seen through an authoress’ eyes. And Lynne does this superbly.
I can only repeat, so I will repeat; a surprisingly good book that you cannot put down.
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Cover Wars – We won!

Many thanks to everyone who voted for the Terrible With Raisins cover in the Author Shout website Cover Wars. We won, apparently, although there has been no notification, just a thumbnail saying TWR is book of the week. See here

More importantly, this is Joanna Cardwell who designed the cover. Sadly, she lost her life last December after an extraordinarily brave stand off with cancer, marrying her long term partner, Steve, from her hospital bed and putting up FaceBook posts full of hope. Thank you, Joanna – I’ll never forget you, your great talent – or your patience with a neurotic author.Joanna Cardwell

Joanna Cardwell

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Cover Wars!

No, not a successor to Game of Thrones but a competition for authors’ novel covers – and Terrible with Raisins is a competitor this week… 23 – 30 April 2016.

If you would care to, I’d appreciate your vote. Just click on Cover Wars! , scroll down and vote for TWR. As we speak (12 noon, 25 April), in the lead with 30.14% of the vote!

The cover of Terrible With Raisins was designed by the late Joanna Cardwell – a wonderful graphic artist taken from us last December, years before her time.

Terrible with Raisins cover front only

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